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The Thai Teachers Jobs Search

The Thai Teachers Jobs Search We built this free Thai teachers job board to address the problem teachers have finding employment here.  Obviously is a great place to start searching for jobs in the Kingdom but there are other avenues to check as well.

If you are not with a placement organization, the best strategy for finding a teaching job in Thailand is just to go there. High-profile places like an International or private School may hire from overseas, but it is much easier to find a job once you're in the country.

Word-of-mouth is the best way to gather information about available positions. Talking to people in the expat community may provide some valuable leads, and guesthouses and restaurants in tourist areas such as Khao San Road often have job postings on bulletin boards. Check the classifieds in English-language publications - The Nation and The Bangkok Post have ads for teaching and private tutoring.

Another option is to walk into Thai or commercial schools and set up an appointment for an interview. You should have your CV., a copy of your college diploma, and a copy of your passport on hand. If you have established a place to live, you may want to get some personal name cards made up with all of your contact information - they are cheap to print and there are many shops in the bigger cities that have this service.  MBK in Bangkok has several.

Some good places to start in Bangkok are the AUA. Language Center and Siam Square, where ECC and the British Council are located.

You may want to take the Thai academic calendar year into consideration when you job hunt. The Thai school year runs from June to mid-March, with a summer recess until the end of May or beginning of June and a half-year break during October.

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